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Re: AgSync

On Friday 16 December 2005 16.49, Robin wrote:
> Is AgSync still being actively developed for Debian ?
> I have searched for info and this is the only place I have seem an
> info for AgSync...

Looking at the changelog of the Debian package 
Volker Christian I just see that there was never any upstream change since 
it was first packaged for Debian in 2003, while he clearly took care of the 
packaging side.  So I'm guessing that he never did any upstream development 
but only did the packaging.

Combined with what you found - and I, too - about the Debian package being 
apparently the only place where the software is still available, I'd guess 
it's effectively dead.  Volker, maybe you have something to add to that?

(Oh, and btw: let's just raise the GFDL documentation flag: you should 
probably relicense the manpage to some other license and look at the 
license of the original documentation.)

-- vbi

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