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2005/12/13, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org>:
> Time to devise a way to teach it about that, then.  HOW to do it is the big
> problem, though.  How should one deal with round-robin DNS mirrors which are
> supposed to be equal, but are not.   What are the failure modes to cater
> for?

I'm not sure about all the failure modes but the two I can think of would be:

1. One of the mirrors out of sync
2. One of the mirrors down

ISTM the easiest would be for apt to lookup the hostname itself and
treat the single entry as a list of entires, one for each possible
address the hostname can resolve to. If one fails, try the next. If
you randomise the order you should be able to avoid most of the
failure modes...

Have a nice day,

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