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Re: State of gcc 2.95 use in Debian unstable

Dear Thiemo,
we very much appreciate your work on the gcc-2.95 debian package.
For us - and probably also for other users in the scientific 
community - the "old" compiler version is still of great value.

We use gcc-2.95 to compile C/C++ code with very large mathematical 
expressions generated by computer algebra software. This involves 
very long (several thousand lines of code) functions to evaluate 
multi-variable polynomial expression resulting from perturbation 
theoretical solutions of physical problems. 

We found that gcc-2.95 -Os produces object code of acceptable quality 
within reasonable compilation times. gcc >=3 is less efficient w.r.t.
compilation time and memory consumption and in many cases even fails 
to compile our codes due to the very long expressions. The C/C++ codes
generated from the computer algebra software are perhaps unusual but 
not broken.

Since what we are doing is not so unusual in theoretical physics we are
probably not alone with these kind problems. Please consider that even 
if no other debian packages would depend on gcc-2.95 many users may 
very much require it.  

Best regards,
Dr. Heiko Mueller  Englerstr. 28       Tel: +49 6221 89467-21
CEOS GmbH          D-69126 Heidelberg  Fax: +49 6221 89467-29
                   Germany             http://www.ceos-gmbh.de

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