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Re: buildd administration

CC:ing you because this is sufficiently important I want to make sure you 
notice that I'm actually answering what may have been a rhetorical question.

>What problems are there today with buildd administration, please?
No clearly-documented contact addresses for buildd administrators (as noted 
upthread).  Mail to any of the apparent contact addresses receives no 
replies.  Accordingly, there is no way to tell whether a message has been 
heard.  If a package is requeued (or whatever) there is no way to tell which 
of the several addresses you sent mail to had an effect, or if it happened on 
its own.  If nothing happens, there is no way to tell whether your mail was 
lost in transit, or whether the buildd administrator retried it and found 
some problem without telling you, or whether the package is in some kind of 
dependency-wait state for reasons you don't know about.  This lack of 
transparency and lack of contact addresses is particularly annoying for 
packages which have built and not been uploaded, which should be trivial to 
deal with, but aren't.

Plus, no useful contact address for buildd.debian.org, and effectively no way 
to get any improved scripts moved onto it.

That enough problems for you?  :-P

Contrast to the incredibly transparent operations of debian-release, or the 
ease of getting patches added to the PTS (packages.qa.debian.org) scripts.  
Or indeed the less-transparent but still fairly responsive BTS maintainers.

It is of course possible that for you, all the correct email addresses are 
known, and all the people at them reply to you.  If so, please know that that 
is not how it is working for most people.  The only replies I've ever 
received from contacting (what I thought was) a buildd admin address were 
"Sorry, I'm not the buildd admin".

Apologies for the thread-breaking, I'm reading on the web pages again.  :-/

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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