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Re: Fedora Directory Server port to Debian ?

In article <[🔎] 439438EB.3000904@cesatel.net> you wrote:
> I have not used OpenLDAP in big systems for several years, so I can not 
> tell I am an expert with it. If I am wrong, and it is possible to 
> implement some type of Class of Service with OpenLDAP, I would 
> apprecciate you tell me.

Personally I would use a more traditional approach, an quota attribute for
the mailbox class, and if it is empty fall back to a number from mailbox's
default profile. This is a bit more work on the application side, but it
requires less special features in the directory server, which might make the
overall application more portable. Another option would be a script backend
in OpenLDAP.

> If it is not possible, maybe this is a good reason to make a package for 
> FDS in Debian, to get in touch and involved in FDS development, and/or 
> make OpenLDAP improve in this and other features.

At least a RFP would be nice, I have thought about playing around with the
Server, too.


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