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Re: Re: Fedora Directory Server port to Debian ?

I have used for some time Netscape Directory Server, iPlanet Directory Server and OpenLDAP (several versions) in big infrastructures.
I had some problems with all of them, and also good times.
Now, I am making a systems definition for a moderate to big mail system. I was thinking only in OpenLDAP as I need real open-source software. But 4 days ago Red Hat has published its whole Fedora Directory Server (not only parts of it) in an open-source type license. I do not mind Multi Master replication, in fact I have only found very few scenarios in the past where it could have been a desired feature. But now I almost need some type of virtual attributes, the like FDS implements through Class of Service attributes. In OpenLDAP there are collective attributes but I think I can not use them for my needs. I want to use this feature for a group of attributes, like mail quota, mail storage subsystem used, max number of messages send once, etc. Then I can define virtual attributes representing pregiven values for different users, and whether I need to change some global attribute I do not need to change all users. I know I can make this in the client side, but that would break compatibility with existing software that I would then have to tweak.

If I could do this some way with OpenLDAP I shall use it.
I have not used OpenLDAP in big systems for several years, so I can not tell I am an expert with it. If I am wrong, and it is possible to implement some type of Class of Service with OpenLDAP, I would apprecciate you tell me.

If it is not possible, maybe this is a good reason to make a package for FDS in Debian, to get in touch and involved in FDS development, and/or make OpenLDAP improve in this and other features.


Emilio Perez

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