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Re: Announcement: Common Power-Management Framework

On Friday 02 December 2005 14.13, Kevin Locke wrote:
> Would it be better to spend our time adding features to the Gnome Power
> Manager and equivalents instead of creating a separate program?

The problem here is the *Gnome and equivalents*.  IMHO any work spent to 
extend the functionality of the Gnome power daemon, the KDE power daemon, 
the FVWM power daemon, the XFCE power daemon and the power.app or whatever 
is essentially work which is going to benefit only the minority of people 
actually using that specific environment.  These GUI specific power 
management solutions should really become stupid frontends to display 
status and control the system-wide UI-independent power solution.  Work 
spent on Gnome will have to be done again by the KDE, XFCE, ... teams.

In this light, plugging as much of the functionality into HAL, DBUS or a 
separate power infrastructure can only be a Good Thing(tm).  I think the 
way printing with CUPS in KDE works is quite good, for comparison: no real 
tight integration, but if the sysadmin does the set up properly, the user 
doesn't even notice that the printing stuff is not part of KDE.

-- vbi

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