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Re: DebConf5 Final Report released

On 12/3/05, Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@debian.org> wrote:
> After several months of work, the DebConf5 Final Report has been
> released. The report is intended for a large audience, and includes
> impressions and facts from the conference. Whether you were there or
> not, we hope you will find the report an interesting read!

This report shows all of us how much real work and effort has been put
into organizing the best Debconf ever (so far at least). A lot of
Debian Developers were present at Debconf5, even more Debian
developers, Debian users and other free software users gained
something from this event - a better Debian.

I feel that we should give all organizers of Debconf5 the prise the
deserve, but as we can't send them all to a two week vacation to
Hawaii, we could at least express our gratitude on a web page.

So, if you feel that Debconf5 has given something good to your life -
got to http://wiki.debian.org/Debconf5ThankTheOrganizers and express
that in warm words towards the people that made that happen!

Best regards,
    Aigars Mahinovs        mailto:aigarius@debian.org
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