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Re: Automatic closing of bugs

Simon Richter wrote:

> Matthew Palmer wrote:
>> Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is dig through the Perl
>> code in merkel:/org/bugs.debian.org/scripts and work out how to add
>> this functionality.  <grin>
> You can use "package foo" as a command to control@ to tell it ignore
> everything that does not affect bugs against foo. I am unsure whether
> comma notation is allowed (so katie could generate "package bar,wnpp"
> at the beginning of bug closing emails).

Yes, but for multi-binary source packages, the package changelog doesn't
specify which binary package the bug applies to, so katie would have no
way of knowing whether to say (e.g.) "package bar", "package libbar1",
or "package libbar-dev".  I think this functionality would have to be
implemented on the BTS side.

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