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Re: How to automatically update files on alioth from svn

Frank wrote:
> I'd like to keep the files in the "Project Home Page" area of alioth in
> our SVN repository, and I'm looking for a way to automate the updating
> of these pages.

I have written a small post-commit hook for a somewhat different usage
(the original problem was versionning the hooks themselves).  It can
surely be improved (eg. by only running "svn update" when the commit
impacts the relevant part of the svn tree, like the gcc guys did in
their own script).

It only checks out (update, indeed) in a local directory, but it could
probably be modified to have the "svn update" command run through ssh
on the other machine.

You will find it at http://ydirson.free.fr/soft/svn/svn-auto-checkout
Documentation included in leading comments.

> Ideally, we would use some post-commit hook that causes the changed html
> file to be uploaded from svn.debian.org to alioth.debian.org, but I see
> two problems:
> - how to write the hook so that only specific files are uploaded, and
>   put into the right location

Those are the 2 parameters to the script.

> - how to authenticate the transfer, since the svn repository and the
>   webspace is on different machines.

https or svn+ssh to access the repo should provide the level of
authentication you need, or do I miss something ?

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