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Re: dpkg-sig support wanted?

* Thiemo Seufer:

>> A: Why do you lock your car up[1]?
>> B: Because it looks like having it locked is better then not having it
>> locked.
>> A: Sorry, but that's a snake oil rationale. Anybody can pick the lock
>> and break in. Anybody can smash a window and break in. etc.
> Wrong, it makes break-ins harder. OTOH we don't put stickers with
> "this car is locked" on our cars.

Uhm, we do.  There are those blinking LEDs which serve exactly that
purpose.  And yes, those electronic locks have been broken; the only
thing that protects them is that it's a crime to tell anyone how they

At this stage, car locks (especially those of the electronic kind)
serve only to show intent.  You can't claim that you erroneously drove
away in someone else's car.  Besides that, they don't really help.

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