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Re: Remove


Frank Maffia wrote:

I have also asked to be removed from 'Call Wave'. I am also on Comcast broadband but my Visa card is still being billed.

You have reached the Debian project. As such, we are not affiliated in any way with them, however Google shows our pages as especially relevant when it comes to removing people from the Call Wave service, mainly because the address you sent this mail to is a public mailing list which is archived.

Most likely, your results page already contained the URL http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/01/msg01444.html , which should answer your question (the reasons why I don't repeat the answer here lie in Google's internal workings; as we cannot remove the result from Google easily, we attempt to at least get the page containing the instructions towards the top of the list so it can be found more easily)

I hope this helps,


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