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Re: master's mail backlog and upgrade time

* Brian May (bam@debian.org) wrote:
> Are you saying you should bounce SPAM mail???

*I* don't bounce much of anything.  Talk to Ian about wanting to
generate bounces, it wasn't my idea.  What I want is for him to bounce
it himself if he feels it needs to be bounced, not make master do it.
No, I don't think trying to enforce his policies on master is an option
either, sorry.

The real point here is that, for mail coming from master, it's *going*
to get bounced one way or another, unless Ian decides to try to classify
the message himself as 'deserving a bounce' or not.

> Yes, in this case the mail would bounce anyway, but I think the
> solution is to improve the SPAM checking on master, and not accept the
> mail in the first place.

Even with better SPAM checking on master it's very unlikely that
master's policy will ever agree completely with Ian's (and everyone
else's, whose policies are probably different from Ian's..) and so this
kind of setup is unlikely to ever actually work (where you're depending
on your forwarding hosts to implement the same policy you have).

> Yes, you could probably make mail from master.debian.org bypass SMTP
> level SPAM controls, but taken to the extreme, you would have to also
> do this to every server that forwards you email (perhaps even every
> mailing list server?).

That would be the point, yes.  Taken a bit further, you'd have to
clasify the mail as SPAM or not yourself and generate a bounce or not as
appropriate.  It's honestly not all that difficult.



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