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Re: I am still on the keyring. With my old key.

* Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> [2005-11-21 23:33:48]:
> If the DPL team is actually addressing that issue, it is not doing so
> transparently. 

That was on purpose. we thought that there was something to be
learned from threads on public mailinglists that lead nowhere and
wanted to try private mail threads that lead nowhere, instead.

> Hence, to the mere mortal DD; nothing has changed since
> Branden's electrion, which is a real disappointment. At least to me.

Well, the process is not over yet, and has not produced the
results we want to see. I too am surprised to see such slow
progress. But as i wrote earlier in this thread i did not give up
hope yet. After all the involved individuals are sensible persons
but busy.  

Of course business is not a valid excuse for everything, even for
volunteers. If you are too busy to do your volunteer stuff you in
fact stopped volunteering some time ago...

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