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Re: master's mail backlog and upgrade time

Six days ago I discovered that one of the Debian system administrators
had made a deliberate and highly unusual configuration change which
predictably broke mail from or via master to:
 * me personally
 * some of the >=8 other Debian developers who have accounts on chiark
 * the Technical Committee

No-one had contacted me, or anyone else affected.  The exact causes
and responsibility for the root problem that the administrator was
trying to solve have been discussed extensively in the thread on
debian-devel, but in any case immediately I found out about the
situation I arranged matters so that master should no longer have any
difficulty talking to chiark.

I also immediately notified debian-admin of these facts and have not had:
 * Correction of the broken configuration on master
 * An apology for the lack of communication or a promise to do better

This situation is intolerable and must be rectified forthwith.

If the Debian system administrators are too busy to deal with this
then I would be happy to help.


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