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Re: Spliting packages between pkg and pkg-data

Scripsit Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org>

> 1. -data packages should probably recommend their parent packages if they
>    are useless without the main package.  And versioning should be used if
>    possible (and needed, don't do it just because), but it cannot be too
>    strict (= ${Source-Version}) between arch all and arch !all packages,
>    since that breaks bin-NMUs (which is arguably a minor bug in the whole
>    bin-NMU concept, or in dpkg's lack of a mostly equal operator that also
>    matches bin-NMUs).

What would be the benefit of a versioned Recommends, rather than an
unversioned one? If the main package itself Depends on the -data with
a tight versioning (which _is_ possible if only debian/rules takes
care to remove any binNMU version when it is being built), then the
only way to _satisfy_ the Recommendation will be to use the matching
version, even if the Recommends itself is unversioned.

> 4. Also IMHO one should at the very least suggest the main package from the
>    -data package.  This helps the users of non-crappy apt frontends to
>    track the main package starting from the -data package.  Relying on
>    package naming alone for this is suboptimal at best.

Additionally, make sure that the secondary packages are tagged
special::auto-inst-parts in debtags.

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