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Re: My IP address seems listed as a spammer address by bugs.debian.org

Brian M. Carlson wrote:
> > If you need to access the BTS data from a program, there is an LDAP
> > interface available and a copy of entire BTS database on one of the
> > developer accessable machines.
> Then "bts cache" should use that, and not HTTP, or perhaps only fall back to 

The LDAP interface is not production quality enough to be used by
anything IMHO. It seems to be down or moved to somewhere else half the
time. We (devscripts maints) have had to switch other programs
(tagpending) away from using it due to these problems.

Using the cache would be good, except it's only available to debian
developers via ssh.

> Additionally, the robots.txt is being violated by "bts cache", so 
> perhaps someone should file a bug.

"bts cache" is not a web spider, it only downloads the bugs that you
tell it to. It violates the robots.txt much less than eg, wget.

see shy jo

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