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Debian Nag NMU in delayed queue

(If rafael.f2r@gmail.com is not the same person as
 f2r@users.sourceforge.net, then apologies, this was not for you,


I've uploaded an NMU of nag to tfheen's delayed queue on gluck to fix
this bug. It will be uploaded to Debian in 7 days. If you (Fabio
Rafael da Rosa <f2r@users.sourceforge.net>) oppose this, I'll
immediately cancel it.

I notice you have been quite inactive Debian-wise, for _all_ your
packages. If you want to stop Debian work, could you please cleanly
orphan your packages (see
and retire from Debian (see

(In this case, I'll probably take over nag and mnemo.)

If the problem is that you are not a DD but lost your sponsor, I'd be
glad to sponsor you.

In all cases, please get in touch so that we "know" you haven't

Best Regards,

Lionel Elie Mamane <lmamane@debian.org>

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