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Re: mixing different upstream sources in one package

Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> wrote:

> Hello Jay,
> Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
>> My inclination would be decline requests to add unrelated packages to
>> psutils, but I thought I'd solicit input from others in case someone
>> has some perl (oops, pearl) of wisdom that I have overlooked.  Thanks!
> IMHO (and I have suggested this particulary for 'sed through a postscipt
> file' packages on d-mentors) this is about the users and free software.
> Both are greatly helped by putting the stuff providing
> yet-another-postscript-manipulation-scriptlet in the psutils package
> where users have a chance to find it.
> OTOH if upstream is actively opposing such additions, you might
> reconsider to keep them happy.

I think this sums it up nicely.  Thanks.

Thanks for all the comments.  I no longer find the idea of mixing
things into packages like this to be objectionable after seeing the
various arguments in favor of doing so.

I think my objections from before had more to do with my tendencies
toward being a compulsive organizer than in doing what is best for
users, so I'm glad I asked so I could become aware of this and fix it.


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