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Re: mixing different upstream sources in one package

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Hi Jay

Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
>>From time to time, someone announces an intention to package some tiny
> script or program, and people suggest including it in some other
> package instead to avoid pollution of the archive with lots of tiny
> packages.  Although I understand the reasoning and the issues here
> (additional overhead for each package), this has always bothered me a
> little.  I'm not sure that, as an upstream author, I would necessarily
> want the debian version of my package to be bundled with other
> software that was similar in functionality but otherwise unrelated to
> my package.
> I've recently taken over maintenance of psutils and am gradually
> working through the outstanding bugs on that package.  A few of the
> bugs suggest adding external programs.  Assuming there are no other
> impediments (like licensing problems), do people generally think that
> it's reasonable to do this even if the other packages aren't really
> part of the upstream package?  If so, are there usual mechanisms for
> doing this?  What about version numbers?
> My inclination would be decline requests to add unrelated packages to
> psutils, but I thought I'd solicit input from others in case someone
> has some perl (oops, pearl) of wisdom that I have overlooked.  Thanks!

Maybe you could consider to add a package psutils-addons or something



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