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Re: Bangladesh Key-Signing completed - Debian Maintiner base can now be extended there.

Quoting salahuddin pasha (salahuddin.debian@gmail.com):
> hello all
> i am
> salahuddin pasha (also known as salahuddin66)
> 19 male
> from Bangladesh, Dhaka
> interested both in
> -------------------------------------------
> 1. Bengali localisation
> 2. maintain apps (deb) for Debian.
> -------------------------------------------
> one of my dream was join in Debian group (officially)

I think you really should join the debian-in-workers mailing list

Here are gathered most of the people working on Indic languages
support in Debian, including of course localization (Localization of
Debian Installer in Bengali has started)

Unless you already joined, of course..:-)

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