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Building windows versions of debian packages


I want to use Debian to develop some cross-platform (Linux and Windows)
programs. Compiling programs which don't use any libraries works fine
using mingw32, but obviously I cannot use the same libraries for both.

To avoid cluttering the build tree with libraries needed for Windows
only, I'd like to install some Windows libraries (such as zlib)
system-wide (just the way mingw32-runtime installs the win32api).

It would be extremely nice to build both the linux and windows versions
from the same Debian source package, for example building zlib1g,
zlib1g-dev, mingw32-zlib1g and mingw32-zlib1g-dev from the zlib source

As far as I can see at least for the packages using autotools this
should not be too difficult; it should be enough to adapt debian/control
to generate the mingw32 packages and debian/rules to pass an appropriate
'--host' parameter to configure.

Has anybody else done something like this?
Aaron Isotton | http://www.isotton.com/
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