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Re: Azureus magnet-link functionality

On 11/15/05, Ken Bloom <kbloom@gmail.com> wrote:
> Shaun Jackman wrote:
> > In the following email Chris suggests that I add support for bit
> > torrent magnet:// URLs under Gnome2 in the Azureus package by setting
> > the gconftool-2 parameter /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/magnet/command
> > to call Azureus. This seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do, but
> > it must be done for each user that runs Azureus. Since Azureus is a
> > Java program, /usr/bin/azureus is already a shell script. Should I add
> > a couple lines here that call gconftool-2? Any other suggestions on
> > how to accomplish this same task?
> A configuration option would be nice so that you don't go stealing our
> favorite protocol handlers just because we decide to try one out.

I think the environment should handle such configuration and not each
individual app itself.
I'm not familiar with gnome internals, but I think command should be a
directory where each individual app can register (and unregister) it's
own handler.
It's then up to the environment to provide a means to choose the
prefered handler.

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