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Re: Closing bugs bevore the upload is available

>>>>> "Junichi" == Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

    Junichi> Hi,
    >> Today I did a update of the system (yes, sid and yes I know it
    >> can be unstable but...) and the update includes grep where no
    >> open critical bug was seen. After Boot the system was
    >> completely broken as of the libpcre dependency.
    >> So please do not close bugs bevore it is available on
    >> servers. This break of the system musn't be.

    Junichi> Didn't apt-listbugs help you at all ?

AFAIK apt-listbugs only displays open bugs, if the bug is closed then
it won't get displayed.

Ideally apt-listbugs needs to be updated to support the new versioning
system in the BTS.

This could also solve the issue that the mirror you use might be
out-of-date and still have a buggy package that is fixed on the master
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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