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Re: Resignation and orphan list

[Chip Salzenberg]
> I see no point in trying to force my way (back) into a project that
> shows no interest in allowing me to keep participating.  Therefore,
> I hereby resign from the Debian Project.

Please, do not do this.  "The project" is to large and fuzzy to have
any interest, but there are several developers and members of the
project who have interest in fixing the flaws and problems within the
Debian project and I am one of these.  Packing up and leaving just
because a few vital bottlenecks haven't been dealt with in Debian is
not a solution.

If the keyring maintainer is too busy to do updates in a timely
manner, we need to reinforce that part of the project by putting more
people on the task.  I hope the DPL team is able to put some focus on
this, to solve it quickly, unless James Troup find assistants with
more time himself.  Your report is not the first one regarding slow
keyring updates, so I know you are not alone here.

We need to work together to solve the problems in Debian.  Leaving in
anger do not help much.

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