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Re: Packages file missing from unstable archive

Michael Vogt <mvo@debian.org> writes:

> --------------------8<------------------------
> Read data.tar.gz. Target 34.1% complete.
> used 1056768 local, fetched 938415
> --------------------8<------------------------
> The size of the data.tar.gz is 1210514. 

So your simple test shows 34% savings for a mixed binary/doc
package. That is very promising. Now imagine syncing the X fonts that
didn't actualy change contents between releases.

> A problem is that zsync needs to teached to deal with deb files (that
> is, that it needs to unpack the data.tar and use that for the syncs).
> Having it inside dak is not (at the beging) a requirement. Zsync seems
> to be able to deal with URLs, so we could create a pool with zsync
> files on any server and let them point to ftp.debian.org.

Correct. Someone just needs to setup a debian mirror, run zsync over
every new file and make the checksum files available somwhere
public. Something I'm willing to do using alioth to server the
checksum files. But first zsync has to look into debs.

> We need to guarantee that the md5sum of the synced deb must match the
> md5sum in the Packages file. Initial tests indicate that that is not
> the case. Only the md5sum of the unpacked data.tar file matches, not
> from the gzip file (or the deb). This is a serious showstoper IMHO. 

Is that not just a problem of the data.tar.gz containing a timestamp
that differs now? How many bytes differ between the original and the
zsync result?


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