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Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 07:40:34AM -0500, Michael Poole wrote:
> Frank Küster writes:
> > Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> wrote:
> >
> >> Andrew Suffield writes:
> >>
> >>> On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 12:48:53PM -0800, Erast Benson wrote:
> >>>> CDDL works similar way, except on per-file basis.
> >>>
> >>> This is incomprehensible gibberish.
> >>
> >> This is unsupportable hyperbole.  Erast's statement may be inapt,
> >> wrong, misleading, or have any number of other flaws, but it is
> >> neither incomprehensible nor gibberish.
> >
> > I do not comprehend what he means with "CDDL works on a per-file basis,
> > GPL does not".  One can of course create a project made up of GPL'ed
> > source files and other source files with different, GPL-compatible
> > licenses.
> The CDDL (based as it is on the MPL) allows you to mix CDDL-licensed
> files in a project with files under CDDL-incompatible licenses and
> distribute the resulting executable.  The GPL applies to the work as a
> whole.  The relevant sections of the GPL are below; this trait is why
> people say that, even though CDDL is a copyleft license, it allows
> developers to create proprietary applications on top of the CDDL base.

Sorry, but the relevant sections below do not belong to the GPL, but
to the CDDL.

>   1.3. "Covered Software" means (a) the Original Software, or (b)
>     Modifications, or (c) the combination of files containing Original
>     Software with files containing Modifications, in each case
>     including portions thereof.
>   1.9. "Modifications means the Source Code and Executable form of any
>     of the following:
>     A. Any file that results from an addition to, deletion from or
>     modification of the contents of a file containing Original
>     Software or previous Modifications;
>     B. Any new file that contains any part of the Original Software or
>     previous Modification; or
>     C. Any new file that is contributed or otherwise made available
>     under the terms of this License.
>   1.12. "Source Code" means (a) the common form of computer software
>     code in which modifications are made and (b) associated
>     documentation included in or with such code.
>   3.1. Availability of Source Code.
>     Any Covered Software that You distribute or otherwise make
>     available in Executable form must also be made available in Source
>     Code form and that Source Code form must be distributed only under
>     the terms of this License. You must include a copy of this License
>     with every copy of the Source Code form of the Covered Software
>     You distribute or otherwise make available. You must inform
>     recipients of any such Covered Software in Executable form as to
>     how they can obtain such Covered Software in Source Code form in a
>     reasonable manner on or through a medium customarily used for
>     software exchange.
> Does this help?
> Michael Poole

Thadeu Cascardo

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