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Bug#335899: O: lmodern -- scalable PostScript fonts for european character sets

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I cannot work on lmodern anymore and am hereby orphaning it.

Description: scalable PostScript fonts for european character sets

 The Latin Modern fonts, also known as "lm fonts", are a set of
 scalable fonts in PostScript Type 1 format. They are based on the
 PostScript Type 1 version of the Computer Modern fonts and contain
 many additional characters (mostly accented ones).

 The Latin Modern fonts were generated using MetaType1, a program
 based on MetaPost for generating PostScript Type 1 fonts
 (ftp://bop.eps.gda.pl/pub/metatype1/). Their size is reasonable and
 they are usually considered to be of good quality (compared to
 cm-super, for instance; however, cm-super contains font families
 that have no equivalent in this package; additionally, there are
 character sets that are supported by cm-super and not by the Latin
 Modern fonts).

 The fonts are setup for use with the TeX typesetting system. They
 are also registered with defoma, which makes them available to other
 applications such as Ghostscript and Fontconfig. Finally, they are
 made available to the X Window System directly, which makes it
 possible to use them in any X application (however, XFree86's native
 rendering of PostScript Type 1 fonts is not fantastic at the moment,
 so the result in this last case is not so pleasant as with font
 rendering engines that perform anti-aliasing, such as FreeType).

Note: the latest upstream versions are not limited to european character
      sets anymore, since they include vietnamese characters.


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