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Bug#335901: O: pyxmms-remote -- command-line interface to XMMS

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I cannot work on PyXMMS-remote anymore and am hereby orphaning it.

Description: command-line interface to XMMS

 PyXMMS-remote allows you to control (or start, or terminate) an XMMS
 session from your shell's command-line (or a program, or a MIME-aware
 application, or whatever you want).

 There are a lot of queries and actions you can perform with PyXMMS-remote.
 Here are some examples: play or pause the current playlist entry, stop
 playing, jump to a playlist entry, add files or URLs to the playlist, get
 or set the volume, balance or the equalizer settings, toggle the main or
 playlist window, end the XMMS session...

 PyXMMS-remote is written in the Python programming language and uses
 (through PyXMMS, packaged as python-xmms in Debian), the xmms_remote_*
 functions provided by the libxmms library, hence its name.

Note: I am also upstream for PyXMMS-remote. As for PyXMMS, there is no
      real urgency to take that part over too.

      It would be nice to merge pyxmms-remote into the python-xmms
      binary package. The prerequisite to do this properly is to merge
      the two upstream packages; the only issue has to do with the
      build systems (PyXMMS uses distutils, whereas PyXMMS-remote uses
      autoconf and automake for automatic detection of programs like
      texi2html in order to build its documentation...).


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