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Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program

> <dpkg hat>
> As for relicensing it, fuck off.  I need to find a ClueBat(tm) attachment for
> the Sodomotron 2000.
> </dpkg hat>

...which could certainly have been written:

<dpkg hat>
As one of the dpkg authors, I do not intent to relicence it.
</dpkg hat>

I actually don't really see a reason for being so aggressive verbally
with someone we (you) disagree with. Erast Benson has been polite all
along this thread and I'm afraid that the above sentence can only help
many people reading the thread to keep convinced that Debian people
still need to grow up a little.

Up to now, this debate has been a debate between people with diverging
opinions. Avoiding to turn it into one of our usual flamewars would be
a good idea, imho.

I sometimes happen to turn rude myself also, either in electronic
communities or in the real life (though in real life, it becomes
harder because you're not hidden behind your screen). I usually try to
apologize later to people I may have hurted.

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