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Re: per-user temp directories by default?

Hubert Chan wrote:
> Another potential problem is if a run a suid (non-root) program that
> attempts to create a file in $TMP.  But it's suid, so it doesn't run
> under my uid, and doesn't have permissions to write to $TMP.  But I've
> never run across that -- suid programs are pretty uncommon.

I don't use pam_tmpdir, but all my user accounts do have their own ~/tmp
directories and I use $TMP (and TMPDIR) to make programs use them.

One problem I have experienced is that if I manually start cups via its
init script, as root, the cups daemon ends up running as a less
privliged user that cannot write to /root/tmp, and the failure mode is
quite horrible (silent failure to print anything).

see shy jo

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