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d-i: partitioned md devices? allowed but not supported?


I just used net-install to install on a md raid device. The debian installer
is happyly allowing me to place a single primary msdos partition on both of
my disks. make the partition of type md raid, and add those with the md
configurator into a single raid1 raid.

If i then place a partition on the resulting device (md0) I can add
partitions for /, /usr, swap, etc. The installer partition wizard will
create /dev/md0pX devices.

However the problem is, that the installer system does not know those
dynamic partitioned device files (mdp dynamic major).

IMHO we should disable paritioning md devices or at least print out a
warning, that mdadm needs to create the device files.

Also: the naming conventions are different in some documentation and source,
one does also find md_pX and I think the linux kernel does even register

BTW: does anybody know how to auto-start more than one (the first?) raid
error by the kernel?

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