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Re: real-i386 (was Re: i386 requalification for etch)

Le jeudi 03 novembre 2005 à 02:38 -0800, Nick Jacobs a écrit :
> In-Reply-To=<200510091703.28199.neroden@twcny.rr.com>
> You mean, it's seriously been proposed that a
> significant amount of work should be done to restore
> support for a processor that has not been manufactured
> for 10 years? While slightly degrading performance for
> the 99.99999% of x86 users who have Pentium/Athlon/or
> better?
> Sometimes, reading Debian mailing lists, I get the
> impression that I've wandered into a painting by
> Salvador Dali.

Sometimes, when reading Debian mailing lists, I'm wondering why there
are so many clueless people.

I guess you're one of those let's-compile-everything-with-march=686
Gentoo lovers. In which case I suggest you come up with serious figures
of a large variety of tests ran on a large variety of CPUs to prove this
kind of assertion. I also suggest that you read
http://funroll-loops.org/ first.
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