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Re: postinst scripts failing because a new conffile wasn't accepted: Is it a bug?

On 10/31/05, Benjamin Mesing <ben-ml@gmx.net> wrote:
> This brings up an issue that is bothering me as a user since a long
> time. Whenever I change a config file, I have to take care and examine
> changes of the config file in its pacakge. Because most times those
> provide some enhancments (e.g. commented out proposals for new options
> available), mostly it is a good idea to merge the changes into my own
> config. Currently I have to do this merge by hand. However it would be
> much smarter to have an option [M]erge when configuring, allowing to
> merge the changes into the the local config file [1]. (Of course there
> should be also something like: "preview merge" and "preview diff merge
> with current config").
> I know this is a little bit tricky, because it requires the old versions
> of the config files to be available, and therefore requires a change in
> the package system (keeping the old config files in a seperate location
> e.g. /var/etc.orig/).
> Now I have two questions: Is such a feature generally desirable? Is
> there someone willing to give it some thought and implement it (I am
> currently short in time) or should I file a wishlist bug against dpkg?

I think it's a good idea.
It'd also allow you to easily find all the changes you made compared
to the original conf files, which is handy for backups.

> I think having an option "Merge" is far better than just to keep the old
> file. New vital changes would be propagated to the administrators
> conffiles. Problems would only occur when conflicts appear (detectable),
> or if the maintainer uses a deprecated option (not detectable, but
> happens with the current solution too).
> Best regards
> Ben
> [1] I'm thinking of something similar to CVS/SVN merge here
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