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Proposal: Start wrapping source control file fields


A while ago bug 90989 was submitted, it was asking to extend the
definition of source control file fields to be all (physical not
logical) multi-line. I think it makes sense as we are supposedly
using RFC822, and more given some really long and obscene fields
in packages from d-i or xorg.

As debian-policy will not allow this kind of change without
demonstrated wide use, I'll start wrapping source control fields
on new uploads of all my packages. I did that pre-sarge, but
reverted just before release to not introduce possible delays
(although nothing broke during that period), and when lintian
started giving errors about that.

I will not set a lintian override so it's easy to track down,
be it to revert or to be able to see how wide spread it has got.

So please speak now if you have anything against this.


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