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Re: Fwd: Research for a thesis which will deal with motivations of linux programmers

Re: Frank Küster in <[🔎] 878xwf5ggx.fsf@alhambra.kuesterei.ch>
> > I just received this and thought this guy might use some more 
> > feedback... 
> You may answer "I have a girl/boy friend" if in fact it is a
> wife/husband.  I have not yet understood whether he knows the difference
> between "Linux" and "an OS running Linux", but it's not as bad as it
> could be...

I stopped when I had to choose one among the following in question 1:

Q1. What would you say is your position in the Linux community?
1. maintainer of a package
2. active linux kernel developer
3. interested in linux kernel
4. linux user

There's more out there, and I could want to check several.

Most importantly, the form lacks a feedback field for comments.
I doubt that there will be more relevant results than "23% of all
kernel developers live with their partner" or something like that.

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