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Re: A thought about killing two bird with one stone

Scripsit Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net>
> David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> writes:

>> In various discussions recently it has been suggested that it would be
>> a good idea (TM) to make the init.d scripts run in parallel.  This involves
>> using some tags from the new LSB and generally making explicit some
>> run-time dependencies that have had to be hacked to assumed in the
>> past.

> How does this help boot faster?

For example, in some situations, a normal boot will spend seconds
waiting for network peers to answer or time out. (Say, some DHCP
servers' ideas of prompt service leave something to be desired).
It would be a plus if something useful could run while the
networking script is waiting for replies.

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