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A thought about killing two bird with one stone

In various discussions recently it has been suggested that it would be
a good idea (TM) to make the init.d scripts run in parallel.  This involves
using some tags from the new LSB and generally making explicit some
run-time dependencies that have had to be hacked to assumed in the

It occurs to me that the solution to this also would allow the solution
of another problem.  Namely that if say Postgresql is upgraded by
apt-get, all the applications (say Tomcat apps) that are running 
probably need to be restarted as well (well not the apps, just
Tomcat which will by implication restart the apps).

Currently one of two things (like libc6) seem to have this notion
of consequences built into their upgrade scripts, and as libc6 does
not get started by init.d this discussion would not help, but it
does strike me that automating this process might be quite

Thus on one of my systems (and I know that not all of these are
official Debian packages) when Postgresql is upgraded, OpenNMS
needs to be restarted, which in turn requires Tomcat to be 
restarted.  Just as Tomcat needs OpenNMS to have started which
in turn needs Postgresql to have started.

Does this make sense?


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