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Re: i386-uclibc debian

> I'm now working on discovering the best order to build the 87 needed
> source packages to get a base+buildessential set for debootstrap.

I believe this should be done on normal debian host, using dpkg-cross's
'dpkg-buildpackage -a'. As of it's current state, it won't work. But it
could be made to :).

To make it work, at least following is needed:
- dpkg-architecture should know about the arch (as far as I understood, you
have a version that does?)
- there are some arch tables in dpkg-cross tools (probably some of them
should be killed, in flavour of a howto about adding new archs to
dpkg-architecture); i386-uclibc should be added there;
- i386-linux-uclibc-{gcc,ld,as,...} should be availbale
- dpkg-cross'ed build depends should be installed
  - maybe start with something that does not have other build-deps than
libc, which should be satisfied by uclibc
  - can debian uclibc packages be just dpkg-cross'ed? or a hand-made
libuclibc{0,dev}-i386-uclibc-cross is needed?

Probably these thoughts are incomplete...


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