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Re: i386-uclibc debian


> How is the effort going
> (http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/09/msg01362.html)?

Pity I've read about this only now :(

Making support for such additional 'archs', targeting mainly uclibc archs, 
is *the* direction where I was going to move with dpkg-cross and debian 
cross-toolchain (I'm the current maintainer of those).

Unfortunatly, I have bad times regadring to free time last months...
But I'll be happy to see any needed support added to dpkg-cross and debian 
cross-toolchain patches; I'll do my best to support any related effort.


Long-promised dpkg-cross upload is 85%-ready and in CVS, the only thing not 
coded yet is additional provides-depends to avoid collisions between old 
and new cross-compiling trees that I've explained in previous mails.

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