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Re: Status of libpng transition

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

> But since you asked, the libpng transition is waiting for the readiness of a 
> large cluster of GNOME 1 packages culminating in gnucash, and will probably 
> go in as soon as gnucash is ready.

gnucash is number *27* on the sparc build queue.  This is silly.
Surely we can figure a way to make it ready now, rather than waiting
another eighteen days and hoping it will have advanced a little
further towards the front.

Ahead of gnucash on the queue are such important things as zope2.7,
ircii-pana, nagios-nrpe, and yaird.  

Surely we can figure out a way not to have the transition sit and wait
another eighteen days for the sparc build to get around to it.

The other main blocker that I am connected with is the gtkhtml build
failure on arm and mips, which need to be requeued now that the
tetex-bin bug is fixed and uploaded on both of those archs.


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