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Re: Bug#315059: Drop KRB4 support from HEIMDAL

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

    Steve> Do heimdal's krb4 support libraries actually implement the
    Steve> same ABI as the kerberos4kth implementation?  Depending on
    Steve> the details, it might be better to
    Steve> Provides/Conflicts/Replaces the old krb4 lib package; but
    Steve> if the ABIs aren't the same, it would be better to fix the
    Steve> heimdal version so that it doesn't collide.

I suspect they are the same (libroken and libotp) but not absolutely

In addition to those libraries, libss and libsl are also issues. I
tried using ss-dev in Debian already, but it doesn't appear to be

So I might have to repackage libss and libsl in Debian too. yuck. No,
I don't understand what these libraries do (I am sure I have been told
though). No, I don't mean libssl - thats completely different.

I have my latest source code for 0.7.1 online at
<URL:http://people.debian.org/~bam/> in case anybody wants to play
with it. At the moment it won't compile due to the libss/libsl
issue. There might be other compile issues, but I think I have fixed
them all.

The relevant patch file in debian/patches/012_sharedlibs, regenerate
the autoconf patch with debian/scripts/autotools. Requires automake

There is also the issue of the versioned symbols patch not applying

Any help appreciated, Thanks.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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