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Drop KRB4 support from HEIMDAL

To: debian-devel, bug#315059 and submitter
CC: krb4 maintainer and openafs maintainers


There have been increasing calls for me to drop krb4 support in
Heimdal (first in bug #315059 and now by upstream in bug #334632 - it
would also solve #236851). It would also eliminate confusion such as
in bug #330151 (not a bug).

Would this effect anybody? Would this break anything?

I noted when I was experimenting with openafs last I couldn't get it
to work without krb4 support in Heimdal KDC, but admit I may have been
doing something wrong.

krb4 is generally considered obsolete and insecure - I think the only
reason it was requested was because of AFS requirements - does that
reason still apply?

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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