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Re: what to do with iputils (ping, etc)

On Sat, Oct 22, 2005 at 12:59:41PM +0200, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> > It depends on what you mean by "up to date".  If we're only including
> > glibc headers, then we can only use functionality that glibc supports.
> > If we bypass glibc and directly use kernel functionality, then we get
> > all the latest and greatest kernel networking features.
> What kind of features are we talking about here?

Hypothetical networking features that may be added to Linux in the
future.  As I've said, I do not believe any existing features will need
to be removed in order to remove the linux specific bits of this

The problem with making this change is really that it'll be so
disruptive as to make it hard to consider the code as anything other
than a fork.  I'll revisit this claim, though.  Maybe I can keep things
from being quite so drastic.  We'll see.  I'm going to make an upload of
iputils soon to fix a bunch of bugs, but after that, I'll see what I can
do to please everybody and get the best of both worlds...


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