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Re: buzz/rex binaries/install media?

> > Now, does anybody know if buzz/Linux 2.0.0's 'ne' driver didn't
> > support realtek PCI network cards, or if it's a qemu problem?  (I
> > suspect the latter, as the ne2k-pci of 2.0.38 also doesn't work.)

[Simon Richter]
> No, the "ne" driver only handles ISA NE1000 and NE2000 cards. The
> ne2k-pci does, but needs to be taught the PCI IDs possibly, and it
> only works with the RTL8019 and RTL8029.

There was definitely a period of time when 'ne' was the correct driver
for PCI NE2000 clones.  I think Linux 2.0.0 was during that time
period, but am not sure.  Eventually (Linux 2.1?) ne2k-pci was split
off from ne.c, and the latter dropped PCI support.

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