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Re: Debian Installer build problem

Yes, sure i'm know that this problem is because i had removed
the lib. But sure when i try to install libnewt-pic, it removes the slang-utf8-pic.

On 10/11/05, Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> wrote:
Em Ter, 2005-10-11 às 10:36 +0100, João Silva escreveu:
> Hi, recently i'm trying to rebuild de debian installer. The current
> built i'm working is 20050317.
> First when a i try to build the original package, it gives-me an error
> that doesn't have
> the slang1-utf8-pic. I install this library and it enters in confilcts
> with the libnewt-pic that is also in the control file.

That means a problem. Looking at packages.debian.org I can't see the
conflict you mentioned. Are you sure that libnewt-pic is conflicting
with slang1-utf8-pic?

> Well, i resolved this, delecting the libnewt-pic from the control
> file.

You created another problem...

> Second:
> when i'm building the package, it gives me almost in the end the
> following error:
> 536 symbols, 22 unresolved
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/bin/mklibs", line 438, in ?
>     raise "Unresolvable symbol " + symbol
> Unresolvable symbol SLutf8_enable

Well, that's why it was on the build-dependencies...


João Carlos Galaio da Silva
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