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Re: [Fwd: major problem with gnome-games dependency]

Adeodato Simó wrote:
>   As mentioned in [1], we've been considering switching to Recommends
>   for KDE metapackges, and mention in the description about the use of
>   --with-recommends.

If you do that you will make the desktop task no longer install an
appropriate amount of kde[2]:

joey@dragon:~/src/tasksel>grep recommends tasksel.pl
	my $ret=system("aptitude", "--without-recommends", "-y", "install", @aptitude_install) >> 8;

It's very easy to end up with a recommends chain that pulls in all of X
when you wanted something simple like cups. At least that kind of thing
was common when I turned it off in tasksel.

Some other good reasons not to use recommends for metapackage would
include those of us who have aptitude configured not to take recommends
by default, or probably anyone who wants to use synaptic.

see shy jo

[2] Not that it currently installs kde, since it's broken, but anyway.

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