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ACPI problem on Sid

Hi all,

This ain't a development question, but it can be a bug...

I was wondering, could this be related to Sid or with the kernel itself?

The battery meter icon in gnome goes to n/a.

IBM T42, Sid 2.6.14-rc4-git latest, but I have seen this behavior before...

dmesg is full of:

    ACPI-0213: *** Error: Method reached maximum reentrancy limit (255)
    ACPI-0508: *** Error: Method execution failed
[\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.EC__.BAT0._BIF] (Node c14cd4c0), AE_AML_METHOD_LIMIT

A reboot normally fixes this, but I have only seen this 3 times.

/etc/init.d/acpid restart has no effect.


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