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Re: [Fwd: major problem with gnome-games dependency]

First, we don't play the games, but they are inventoried, and they can't be there. Second, I can, indeed, remove gnome and re-install individual packages and waste a fair amount of time. Government computers are a fairly large group and I would think that you might want to facilitate the use of Linux and of Debian on them by swapping the dependency. If not you will be telling each of us to embark on a Rube Goldberg installation process.

Art Edwards

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

"Arthur H. Edwards" <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> writes:

I work at a government laboratory where computer games are prohibited. I also use the gnome desktop. When I try to remove gnome-games apt wanst to remove gnome because gnome depends on gnome-games. This is really a show-stopper for government use of Linux. Also, I would think that the dependency should work the other way: gnome-games should depend on gnome.

It should be an easy matter not to play the games even when they are
installed.  Regardless, the "gnome" package is not necessary for the
system; it is just a meta-package that depends on all the
gnome-related packages.  If you don't want all the gnome-related
packages, then you can skil installing the "gnome" package and just
choose the ones you want.


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