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Automatically sending test suite results from buildds to upstream


I'm the maintainer of the pugs package. It features a large testsuite
which is run when the package is built on the buildds. The informations
generated by this testsuite (in form of html smoke reports) are really
useful for upstream authors (that I belong to) to track down bugs,
especially on unusual architectures.

Therefor I'd like to automatically upload these results to
http://smoke.pugscode.org after the packages are built on the buildds.
Is it an acceptable behaviour of source packages to upload informations
to various places without asking the user for permission like the
polularity-contest package for example? Of course, it could be disabled
by default and may be activated using environment hooks or other hacks.
But that would prevent us from using the buildd results, that are
produced anyway, to improve the quality of the upstream software.

How should I proceed?


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